Degree Ceremonies

There are four degrees in the Knights of Columbus. Because of the oaths taken at each of these degrees, details of the ceremonials will not be divulged nor discussed here. Given that you know that each degree has associated with it, a given theme will suffice for now.

  • 1st Degree – Charity
  • 2nd Degree – Unity
  • 3rd Degree – Fraternity
  • 4th Degree – Patriotism

At the Council level,  First,  Second,  Third, and Fourth-degree members meet. In order to hold an elected office, a member must have attained Third Degree status.

The Fourth Degree is separate from the first three degrees.   Members of the Fourth Degree go through a separate exemplification ceremony that emphasizes patriotism and the role it will play in the carrying our of the degree.   The Fourth Degree has a separate dues structure from the Council.   The Fourth Degree’s meeting is held in Assemblies.   For a member to be both a member of the Council and Assembly, the member must keep their dues current in both organizations.   Failure to keep your dues current in both organizations will result in your being dropped.