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Pictures from 2014 Free Throw Regionals

Doyle advances to Knights of Columbus Hoop Shoot state finals

 Posted on Mar 19, 2014  by Cheeto Barrera

Brendan Doyle, 10, advanced his way through the Knights of Columbus Hoop Shoot local and District competitions to qualify for the Northern California Regionals March 23 in Vacaville.

Doyal took third in the Northern Regionals with 17 free throws of 25 attempts. The first place winner shot 21 free throws and had to go to a shoot off to advance.

Doyle won the local Gilroy Knights of Columbus Hoop Shoot on Feb. 8 with 10 free throws made and advanced to the District competition in Los Altos on Feb. 15.

Six schools were represented last month at the Hoop as students ages 10 to 13 competed in the annual, nationwide contest.

Students competing were from El Roble and Las Animas elementary schools, Solorsano, Brownell and South Valley middle schools and Christopher High School.

In the boys 10 year old, Robert Barajas finished just behind Doyle with nine free throws and Boivae Martinez took third with six. All three qualified for the district competition.

In the girls 10-year-old division, Alondra Toscano won with seven made, followed by Sophia Martinez with six and Cianna Garibaldi with three.

In the 11-year-old division, Kaylyn Scourbys too first among the girls with five free throws made and sinking a tie-breaking basket against Kaitlyn Amado. For the boys, Jordan Andrade won with three made.

In the 12-year-old division, Vanessa Zozaya took first for the girls with 12 made, followed by Maggie Brinkman with five. For the boys, Michael Nardone won with eight.

In the 13-year-old division, Samantha Bellucci took first with nine in the girls contest and Brandan Bumanlag took first with seven for the boys.

Sean White rounded things out with 13 free throws made to win the boys 14-year-old division.